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ESG, Impact & Diversity & Inclusion Resources

Blue Paper Structures

ESG Toolkit

Toolkit for Private Equity Funds and Corporate Governance Toolkit for Banks, NBFIs and MFIs


Jan, 2021

Blue Paper Structures

ESG Toolkit for Fund Managers

Practical guidance for responsible investors in emerging markets


Blue Paper Structures

Managing E&S Risks

Toolkit to design an Environmental and Social Management System which is is a set of policies, procedures, tools and internal capacity to identify and manage a financial institution's exposure to the environmental and social risks of its clients/investees.



Blue Paper Structures

Responsible Venture Capital Report

This report is designed to provide practical advice for VC fund managers, to help them:
1. Understand the strategic context of good ESG management.
2. Identify material ESG risks and opportunities for each investment.
3. Implement practical actions at the fund level to incorporate ESG issues into their investment processes.
4. Summarise practical actions that their investee companies can implement.


Jan, 2020

Blue Paper Structures

IFC Guidance Note on Financial Intermediaries

Guidance note clarifies how IFC's Policy on Environmental and Social (E&S) Sustainability (Sustainability Policy) applies to Financial Intermediaries



Blue Paper Structures

ESG for Local Capital Providers

Webinar - Password: 16LG6&M%

Collaborative for Frontier Finance

Mar, 2023

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