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Gender Tools & Resources for Fund Managers

Women are heavily underrepresented in private equity and venture capital. In emerging markets, only eleven percent of senior investment professionals and only seven percent of private equity and venture capital is invested in women-led businesses.

Gender gaps in the representation of women as allocators and recipients of capital may be sub-optimal for Funds’ investment returns and negatively impacts access to capital for women-led businesses noting research that points to outperformance of gender balanced teams vrs male or female dominated teams. 

IFC believes that closing the gender gap in private equity and venture capital can be achieved through targeted interventions at the Fund and portfolio company levels and given that in industry is till relatively nascent in emerging markets, action taken now has potential impact for long term shift in the industry.


Supporting Research

Moving Toward Gender Balance in Private Equity and Venture Capital  




Explores the relationship between gender diversity and financial returns both at Fund and Portfolio company levels.  It also includes recommendations for Fund Managers to move the industry towards gender balance.

Preqin Special Report: Women in Alternative Assets




The report highlights the gender trends in the workforces of active fund managers and investors.

Project Sage: Tackling Venture Capital with a Gender Lens 


Wharton Social Impact Initiative 


A landscape analysis for gender lens investing in private equity and captures the opportunity to expand gender lens investing globally. 

KPMG Women in Alternative Investments (WAI) Report 




Discusses investors’ increased focus on gender and firm diversity practices that have been adopted.